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A Hollywood Success Story

As a global authority in the field of intuition, conscious business growth, and spiritual leadership, Joanna has published Big Miracles: The 11 Spiritual Rules for Ultimate Success and Unleash the Psychic in You: How to Trust Your Intuition for Success. She also provides a wide range of personalized services to help clients in personal and professional capacities.

Personal life

From a young age, Joanna initially used unhealthy diets and dating relationships to cope with her deep natural empathy, amplifying her pain and shame. Continually rejecting her natural talents and self-sabotaging, she fell as low as sleeping in a friend’s garage in her financial and emotional distress. One night, as she lay on a blowup mattress filled with despair, deep peace washed over her. Joanna stopped dismissing her intuition and embraced it, leading her to be a spiritual guide for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and celebrities.


Joanna moved from London to California and ventured into producing movies. She shares how she felt limited back home and more liberated in the US. Joanna believes that you should listen to your body in order to be empowered by your intuition and succeed in any endeavor you take on.

Joanna has overcome failure many times and believes these experiences are the best teachers that have improved her decision making process and ultimately lead to her success. She believes in being true to yourself and in finding a path that is most suited to you, both in personal and professional life. Joanna explains that your spirit is your epicenter of energy that you can tap into and propel your dreams forward.

Professional Accolades

Joanna has worked with notable names, including Ellen Burstyn, Goldie Hawn, Monica Lewinsky, and Jenna Dewan Tatum. As a global authority in the field of intuition, conscious business growth, and spiritual leadership, Joanna has published two widely respected self-help books.

Joanna has been featured in media nationally and internationally, including:


  • Coast to Coast
  • Well + Good
  • Hay House Radio
  • Entrepreneur, The Daily Mail
  • Daily Mirror, The Sun, The Independent

Joanna takes pride in offering insightful advice and guidance to all her clients, and will work with you to meet your needs.

Other Work

Joanna is a professionally trained “Master Class” actor whose past students have included Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Connelly. She’s also trained with world’s leading voice coach, David Coury.

Joanna is also a spiritual entrepreneur. She cofounded Hyper Chariot, an emerging worldwide transport network developing entertainment services for Hyperloop with film director Brett Leonard and working with strategic partners AML to build components for the real travel system. As a global strategic liaison, she’s proud to support the company in its endeavors to develop the first 4,000 mph simulator.

Joanna lives with her husband Nick and their son Dominick in Los Angeles, CA, and takes pride in giving back to the community. Joanna has shared the stage with Sir Ken Robinson, speaking at Landmark College exclusively for students with special needs, and using her meditation album to teach both faculty and students to focus.

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