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Unlock and Connect to The Innate Wisdom Within You

In this 12-part course, Joanna guides you on a journey deep into your soul through a combination of powerful guided meditations and spiritual teachings. Each session builds upon the one before, giving you clarity about your life purpose and inner confidence. True success comes when you peel back the layers to your heart and do the deeper healing work. You must dive inwards. You must embrace that which you resist. Only then will you be able to create and sustain your success and happiness. Each session will heal something from your past and allow you to birth something new and beautiful for your life.

The course is presented as audio recordings of Joanna teaching the training live. During the 12-weeks, Joanna attunes you to your intuition through guided meditations and intuitive coaching. Each week’s session focuses and builds upon a way for you to awaken your creativity and strengthen your business acumen.

INVESTMENT: 12 Hours Audio Program $47

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The Power of Your Soul
You’ll be guided through a meditation to awaken ancient wisdom within you. You already know the path. You already know the truth. You say, “I don’t know.” The truth is you do know. As you remember who you are, a new pathway of freedom will be opened to you. You’ll be prepared for synchronicities and special meeting with kindred spirits.


Renaissance Woman/Man
Who are you? Free yourself from the limitations of your mind. Dive into a place of personal power. If your desire is to step into spiritual leadership in your community you must first activate your own power. I love the expression, “Put the oxygen mask on yourself first.” Through guided meditation we’ll explore your untapped gifts and reignite the dreams that you swept aside earlier in life.


Connect to Spirit
Spirit has a message for you! Have you ever broken down and prayed for help? Yet felt it fell on deaf ears. You’re always heard by spirit guides and loved ones on The Other Side. When you’re in an emotionally charged state, you can’t feel or hear the answer to your prayers. Joanna shows you how to connect directly to Spirit. You’ll experience a feeling of peace and wellbeing.


Meet Your Spirit Guide
Everyone has a Spirit Guide. Of all the readings I have ever done, there have only been a couple of people who did not have a spirit guide by their side and when that happened, we called one in. Some people have multiple Spirit Guides and Angels with them. This typically happens for those who are in the medical profession, healing arts, are an influencer or celebrity. Joanna leads a powerful meditation to introduce you to your main Spirit Guide. Once this connection is made, it will always be there for you!


Making Your Spiritual Plan
You must be specific in your desires. Joanna takes your soul on a guided journey to help clarify more of your purpose. You’ll learn why you have experienced your life challenges and this will free your mind. Joanna tunes in through intuition and explains why you have experienced pain and what you need to do next to overcome it.


The Music of Your Soul
As you open to your soul, you’ll hear it has a song. Here lies an important message for you. It will help you find your rhythm in the dance of your relationships. There’s a song with each person you meet. Sometimes it is the same song with many and sometimes there is a song that you only share with one other person. Joanna shows you how to unearth the song within your heart.


The Power of Prayer
You’ll experience a meditation of gratitude. This will open your heart to new levels of feeling and compassion. The more you love, the more you can give. In this nourishing session, you will feel cocooned in love for this is your birthright. Joanna will lead you in a meditation to connect with your angels and to discover the angel within you!


Intuitive Reading Circle
Joanna will connect you to the Heart Plane. You’ll feel the vibration rise. It will be a powerful experience. It may bring tears to your eyes as you feel immense love and gratitude for this connection. A deep sense of knowing will wash over you. Things that have been troubling you will make sense. Joanna will share spiritual insights that you can put into action for success.


Reaching Higher
Calling in the new, will be the theme. What have you deprived yourself of? You deserve to live an abundant life full of wealth, love and happiness. In this session, Joanna guides you to a higher vibration that you desire but cannot figure out how to reach. You’ll learn about how to work with these advanced spiritual energies that will strengthen your Will to stay committed to your dreams.


Getting Back Up
As you reach higher, you may be challenged. Old pain and past decisions may resurface. This is a spiritual detoxing process to make space for more happiness and abundance. Joanna will explain how to keep moving forwards when you are faced with an unexpected difficulty. You’ll see how you can save months of your precious time and be an inspirational leader in your industry.


The Power of Your Dreams
Your soul wants to communicate with you. The easiest way for it to do this is through your nighttime dreams. Joanna shows you how to recognize the spiritual guidance in your dreams. She’ll lead you through a meditation to tap into the deeply intuitive part of yourself so you can remember more of your dreams and decipher their hidden codes.


Synchronicity and The Quickening
As you move more deeply into your spiritual awakening you’ll find time moving faster and your ability to manifest things accelerating. There will be moments of extreme clarity. Now it’s important to ground this energy in our final session together. You’ll set a specific intention for what you want next. Joanna has created an affirmation for you to stay focused and in alignment with your desire.

Benefits You’ll Receive:

  • Powerful insights to deepen your spiritual awareness and improve your life.
  • One-of-a-kind guided meditations to awaken and strengthen your inner wisdom.
  • Spiritual tools to materialize tangible success.
  • The option to access and download all the audio recordings from anywhere in the world, at any time.

INVESTMENT: 12 Hours Audio Program $47