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Professional Intuition Coach
in Los Angeles, CA

Meet America’s Intuition Coach™, Joanna Garzilli. Based in Los Angeles, CA. Joanna uses her focused intuition and psychic abilities to help clients break barriers and build fulfillment and success in their personal and professional lives. After overcoming significant obstacles in her personal life, Joanna has embraced her own psychic gifts and achieved fulfillment by helping others make similar miracles happen in their own personal and professional lives. As an intuitive life coach, Joanna has helped clients in the business and entertainment industry break emotional barriers and become stronger through spiritual healing and energy alignment.


Joanna leads webinars, workshops and coaching events for groups, as well as private life coaching, psychic readings, and guided meditation sessions. Whether you’d like to improve your leadership abilities at work or heal from past emotional injuries, guided spiritual healing and coaching from America’s Intuition Coach™ will help you create a real plan of action that will address your needs.


Joanna has authored two successful books drawn from her experience as a psychic and spiritual entrepreneur: Big Miracles: The 11 Spiritual Rules for Ultimate Success and Unleash the Psychic in You: How to Trust Your Intuition for Success. She’s also recorded guided meditation sessions that can help you focus and align your energy in your relationships or at work. She regularly appears as a guest speaker at events, book signings, and in the press, including NPR, BBC News, ELLE, Pulse Magazine, and more. You can follow Joanna on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for frequent updates and spiritually creative ideas.

Contact Joanna

Learn more about each of the intuitive coaching services offered, and then contact Joanna about a specific option or questions you have. You can reach her today by visiting the Contact page or calling 310-447-4067 for a distance or Los Angeles-based service.

Call today for more information about our many coaching services!