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The Most Trusted Leadership Coaching Sessions In
Los Angeles, CA

Intuitive leadership coaching with America’s Intuition Coach™ is a simple, yet effective way to actively work through professional and personal challenges as a leader. Learn to inspire your team and see results you’ll love. Please contact America’s Intuition Coach™ personally to learn about each service type and apply for the coaching option that best fits you.

Intuitive Coaching Options

Leadership coaching services include private life coaching sessions in Los Angeles or over the phone to deal with specific challenges or help you achieve your Big Miracle. Another option is an individual or team VIP-day for an in-depth strategy consultation to solve your business problems. “The Big Miracles Mastermind Group” is for spiritual entrepreneurs, creative talent and business innovators seeking to grow and support one another in a special community via a simple application process.

What does a session look like?

Please discover a session for yourself — you’re invited to try a free 30-minute session with Joanna to understand what your “Big Miracle” might look like. The session starts with a heart-centering guided meditation to set the vibration for you to share your life. Then the session will focus on creating a plan of action to achieving your life and career goals. Joanna also offers video call sessions for people from around the world.

What happens after a session?

You’ll have a plan of action to take real steps toward your goals. All recommendations are personalized to you, and may include simply reading a book, meeting someone for networking, or more intensive coaching options.

Call today for more information about our many coaching services!