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Guided Meditation Healing Is In Los Angeles, CA

Take back the feelings of peace and fulfillment in every area of your life through guided meditation and spiritual healing. This form of healing will strengthen your intuition and hone your visualization skills for experiencing the outcome you want. Take active steps to addressing emotional pain or improving areas of your life with an intuitive meditation guide.

Make Miracles

You don’t have to be in Los Angeles to focus inward on yourself and improve your life with a greater awareness of your heart. Guided meditation is a powerful tool to detox unwanted thoughts, fear, and pain — making miracles happen. You can download a few of samples of Joanna’s free meditation and miracle sessions from anywhere to get familiar with her intuitive, guided meditation. Enjoy these sessions from the comfort of your home, and they’ll help you to clear and balance your energy.

Soul abundance

When you close your eyes, focus inward, and bring your awareness to your heart, big miracles are within reach. This collection, composed by Chapman Stick and performed by Eliah, is a soothing set of sessions to clear blocks in your energy. With regular use, you can stay energized and in alignment in order to take advantage of your talents and set boundaries. This recording can help you listen to your inner voice and find clarity in all your relationships, achieving a deep inner peace.

Buy Soul Abundance on iTunes, Amazon or CD Baby.

Meditations For Successful Business Leadership

This set of six meditations helps leaders on the go stay energized and clear to make decisions quickly, feel confident in their plans, and navigate bumps in the road. Even Steve Jobs was known for relying on meditation as a creative tool for inspiration. Nothing in business goes perfectly, so use these guided meditations to plan, prepare, and overcome whatever life brings to your office. With “Meditations for Successful Business Leadership,” you can reach new career heights.

Buy Meditations for Successful Leadership on iTunes, Amazon or CD Baby.

Explore Joanna’s Free Meditations

Awaken Your I AM Energy – Awaken Your I AM Energy is a guided meditation to help you experience more love, light, life, power, gratitude, cellular healing and remember the angel you are, created by Joanna.

The Golden Dragon Meditation – This meditation with Joanna will clear the path for you to tap into your intuition and follow your instincts with confidence and peace of mind. Set yourself up for success and prosperity as you tap into this potent and ancient energy.

Listen to Your Intuition

Angels and Faith

Turning Lead Into Gold

Strengthen Your Will

Prosperity Now Meditation and Teaching

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