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Online Courses

What happens when you commit to doing the inner spiritual work? You create amazing breakthroughs for all areas of your life. The difference between failure and success is taking what you know and doing it. You must immerse yourself in spiritual practice to break old limiting patterns and create new positive behaviors. Joanna’s courses show you how to put into practice what you’ve learned, in an empowering way. Success lives inside you. Unlock it and give yourself the love you deserve. Start today!


In this 12-part course, Joanna guides you on a journey deep into your soul through a combination of powerful guided meditations and spiritual teachings. Each session builds upon the one before, giving you clarity about your life purpose and inner confidence. True success comes when you peel back the layers to your heart and do the deeper healing work. You must dive inwards. You must embrace that which you resist. Only then will you be able to create and sustain your success and happiness. Each session will heal something from your past and allow you to birth something new and beautiful for your life.


This online coaching course has a 30 and 90 days option. It feels like working with Joanna one-on-one, as she leads you to greater awareness and keeps you on track with what you desire.  In Big Miracle Breakthrough you’ll learn how to break the patterns that stop you manifesting the life and money you desire. You’ll lay a powerful foundation of communication with your spirit guides and angels, so you can gain clarity and confirmation about your big picture vision. You’ll experience a new sense of peace around your finances and understand how to create a healthy financial plan. As you face your ghosts of fear, you will discover the true you, preparing you for your accelerated success path!


Joanna Garzilli, will teach you the Sacred Steps to Closing The Deal without “that feeling” you get from traditional selling. In this 4-Hour Masterclass you will learn how to overcome your fear of making sales, plus a selection of Joanna’s best, proven spiritual business strategies to breakthrough your earning threshold and double your sales. You’ll find yourself building confidence and momentum to jump-start your success, serving more clients with your services and products. With your cashflow stabilized, you can enjoy your life, all while helping people to get the things they want in life.


Imagine what your life could be like if you multiplied your potential! If you aren’t advancing spiritually, you aren’t living fully. In this 90-day online course, you will learn how to subtract pain from your life, add love to yourself and relationships. The final part of this equation is cultivating a deep spiritual awareness to multiply your joy, career success and income. Spiritual Science of a Rich Life is 18 hours of guided meditations and spiritual teachings that will unlock hidden blockages and give you the tools to embrace what you want, without holding yourself back. With this valuable information, there is no reason why you cannot have a rich life.


Prosperous Angel Bootcamp

Discover Your Profits With Your Prophets

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