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Interactive Life Coaching Workshops In Los Angeles, CA

Are you sick of unhealthy relationships? Do you feel as if you’ll never reach your career goals? Now you can work directly with America’s Intuition Coach™ in Venice, CA, to understand the same strategies that helped Joanna achieve personal and professional success after a season of toxic relationships and six-figure debt.

Unleash The Psychic In You

Everyone has the gift of intuition. This sensory journey and psychic meditation will help you unleash your own psychic ability and receive a special message about your life path. This session flexes the four main psychic muscles: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. Tap into your own spiritual abilities. Your first class is free, so book today!

Additional Events

Joanna is also available for speaking engagements and book signings with advance scheduling and preparation. Please contact America’s Intuition Coach™ to inquire.

You can also join Joanna for:

  • Live Mastermind Groups including:
    • Intuition Masters
    • Author Mastermind
    • Prosperous Angel Soiree


Other Guided Intuitive Coaching Methods

Your first class is free to attend, and America’s Intuition Coach™ also offers a free 30-minute life coaching session (booking required). You’ll get an even more personalized spiritual reading based on your energy vibrations. Joanna offers coaching and healing sessions for both personal and professional growth.

In addition to workshops, you can take Joanna’s guided meditation sessions home with you as recordings. These recorded sessions will allow you to intentionally clear, balance, and realign your energy on an ongoing basis to tackle life’s challenges. Visit the Meditations page to see the full collection of recordings.

Call today for more information about our many coaching services!